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fleece blankets and slippers. a lot of you tonight were asking if we would tip or hats and give love to the troops, of course we will. thank you for watching "huckabee" is next. tonight, the president urging young people to help plug obama care. >> i need you to help spread the word on obama care. but most millennials don't plan on signing up. >> and the obama care website a bullseye for hackers. >> the serious privacy risks that come with signing up for health care. plus, students that used to get straight a's now struggling in class. why common core is not making the grade.
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ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. thank you, thank you very much. we have a great christmas time audience here. let me just say welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios. i'm going to give you a taste of page lately.d on my facebook i hear you support common core education standards, i'll never support you again. or you need to learn the truth about common core. i guess the person that said he would never watch my show again is never going to hear this and that's too bad. i want to cut right to the chase. i don't support what common core has become in many states and school districts. i'm dead set against the government setting a uniform
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curriculum for any subject. i do not like to identify students, track them, and give that personal information to the federal government. i'm steadfast in my belief that parents should ultimately decide the best for their children's education. whether it is public, private, religious, or home schools. it has come to thinks that i detest like an agenda driving curriculum. i'm convinced that the term common core needs to disappear from education policy. it's a toxic term because it's come to mean things that most of us can't stomach like stop down federal intrusions. but that had nothing to do with
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the federal government. it was conceived and controlled by elected governors and state school chiefs to keep federal hands from interfering. it only dealt with math and english. in those two subjects it established only state initiated standards. it set voluntary goals. voluntary goals for the local school boards. unfortunately the locally controlled creation standards in math and english created so students would be measured by comparable standards has been hi jacked by those that took the customer common core and applied them to other things such as personal data collection. common core as a brand is dead. hopefully the perversions of it will die as well. what i hope doesn't die is setting higher standards for
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students. keeping score to see just how well they're doing, and then having accountability for the results. education bureaucrats have fought against honest assessments and sometimes accountable. often satisfied with underperforming students behind their peers in other states and countries. schools in the u.s. were performing below those in vietnam, lithuania, russia, and hungry. that our 15-year-olds have not seen improvement in over a decade compared to other nations. for those that think i embrace common core, i don't embrace or want to tolerate what it has come to mean in too many locations. yes, it's been hijacked, and i don't support the hijackers or
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destination. let's kill the name common core earn all of the nonsense packed on to it, but let's insist that if we could spend the most money in education that we demand the end result is achievement. i think every governor should take the wheel and steer his or her state to adopt strict and rigorous standards. i suggest what terry branstad did in iowa. name it whatever you want to, don't let anyone corrupt the goals by hadding things not par of the goals. common core is dead, common sense should not be. that's my view. i want to introduce you to three people from different parts of the country deals with education issues where they live. amy is in seventh grade, she always loved math and excelled
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in the subject. she went from getting an a to getting a d. carroll burress is the principal at the south side high school in chicago. >> the task of teaching is never quantifiable. if everything that i learned in ho high school is measurable, i have learned nothing. today we find ourtss in a nation that produces workers. everything is career and college preparation. somewhere our founding fathers are turning in their graves screaming saying that we teach to free minds, teach to inspire,
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teach to equip, the careers will come naturally. >> that was ethan, welcome to all of you. that was a powerful speech. i appreciate the, i thought incredible articulation of what ought to be the passion of every person to learn. should there be standards and some goal so we know how well students are do something. >> absolutely you have to have standards. you can't just throw kids into school. you have to have a guideline. the problem is when we try to make standards 100% of what happens in the classroom. so education is reduced to something that is really not engaging to students, not beneficial to students, and while our test cores may go up it's not indicative of what we need to have happen in education. >> i think everybody would agree that the basic purpose of school is to learn how to learn, not
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just to learn certain things. obviously the big challenge then is how do you measure whether or not the students are learning. if i were teaching you one on one, that's easy. so what i'm looking for is what are some suggestions from a student's point of view that would help you to say i know i hit the mark but i have been able to maintain freedom in learning. >> specifically with common core, the reason it doesn't really help student social security it doesn't leave a lot of room for teachers to individual a classroom setting to a student. so what would be helpful for me is to have a teacher say okay, we have to hit this objective today, but i'm going to have class time allotted for me to do what i need to do. maybe we took a huge exam and we just can't hit standards today because we're overloaded. there is flexibility that needs
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to be added. >> as an educator, i know there is a frustration, my sister is a teacher, and she hates that she feels she's being made to teach to a test. so i want to talk about how does common core inhibit that. is it a perversion of the original version of common core that didn't tale teachers how to get there, but they just said here is the goal. >> the idea of having standards was important. but the common core standards were written in a different way. not by educators. they were very, very quickly put in place. they were done with a backward design saying what would you like kids to do in a senior year of high school. kids don't grow backwards, they grow forward. so you have unusual standards.
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if you look at the literature in development, a lot of four and five-year-olds can't do that yet. that put a tremendous amount of pressure on teachers to teach to the test, then when you start to evaluate teachers by the test, and they start losing their jobs, it becomes a real lethal mix. >> let me ask you and our audience to stay put because we're going to talk more about common core when we return. [ female announcer ] it's a grand gesture
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the very controversial welcome back, we're walking about educational issues. carol, just before we left, we were talking about where do the standards come from, the governors and chief state school officers collaborated to bring consistency. if a kid lived in oregon and went to fifth grade, and moved to georgia, there would be a comparable standard. what is the best way to i don't hear you saying we shouldn't have them. >> no, i believe very much so in high standards, i always have. the problem is with these particular standards they were not developed by educators. >> who came up with them? >> david coleman is most associated with the standards,
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another small group of university professors, and they were very, very quickly rolled out. because they were implemented to quickly, they then farmed out curriculums to different companies and spent millions of dollars to create what are called modules. so a lot of the problem, i think, governor is that it was done so quickly and pushed out so quickly, that the natural unfolding should never have occurred. we introduce it at a grade level. we start to bring it through the grade level. so when we accelerated all of the kids in mathematics, we started with sixth graders, moved it to seventh, and then to eighth. with common core state standards in new york state, everything was pushed out all at once. >> your daughter was making a's
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in math, new standards came out and she got a d. so what happened that was so different? >> so my school district implemented bpm. they volted on common core curriculums. it requires a group learning atmosphere. direct instruction is not encouraged at all. it's discouraged. and they like the students to kind of struggle for a couple weeks until they get the formula and figure it out themselves or they eventually get it. i love math, i have a background in engineering. old schools it would have examples, formulas, equations, and pages of math problems to work through to practice your skills. and in this curriculum, you don't see the examples work if
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is not pages of math problems, it is all story problems. the way it's introduced, the teacher gets up and goes over a couple problems. it's more word math than formula math. she will go over the definition of a vo cab lar word, they will copy it down, and they will look at it, and then they do their problems. >> so it's more of a curriculum problem. i think we have a shot of one of the pages from your daughter's book. some of it is -- well, it's very difficult to understand. i don't want to put words in your mouth, but it sounds like we all agree there should be standards and they should be high, but they should be developed carefully and the curriculum has largely been the problem in how to get to those standards.
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my argument has long been that common core didn't tell you how to get there, just that you should be able to hit the high standards. it sounds like there are issues, making sure they're developed and rode tested. they ought to be tested in a few states, see how they work, and then add them to the other states. >> yeah, and also i think we have to pull back a little on the testing, too. that was a real problem in new york. and teachers were very uncomfortable with it. there was, right before the tests were given, they predicting a passing rate of 30% before a child opened a test booklet. what they did, essentially they make a decision where proficiency will be. they tie it'd to a 1630 on the s.a.t. only 30% of all test takers get a 1630 on the s.a.t.
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so the stress of the testing, you start to wonder well what's the point? is it to help our kids or make us all look bad? >> we don't want to look bad but we don't want to lower the goal so everybody can get a slam dunk shot, either. if you were king for the day and you could say one thing we're going to do to change education in america to make it for the students and for the best, what would it be? >> absolutely it would be let teachers come up with the ideas to fix education. right now we have a top down approach where legislatures and people who don't necessarily have classroom experience, they're telling teachers what to do and it's restrictive and often misguided. so i would say you can redo a common core type system, but let teachers write it. >> julie, what would be that one thing you think needs to happen? >> so i think my school is
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focusing on group learning. so they group learn 100% of the time. i think they can do that one day a week, but go back to instructional learning. children news examples and build up confidence before they're given tests rather than having them struggle and struggle for a week or two weeks. they're confidence goes down. my a student didn't think she would be good in math any more. >> carol, final word? >> you have to slow down, pull back on some of the testing, let it roll out in a natural way, and see what makes sense. >> all of you have been great, i appreciate it very much. i think it's important to realize that education is not a perfect science, it's an art. we're always tinkering with it. one thing that i would like to believe is that we ought to raise the standards and challenge our students to be the best in the world. then we have to make sure that we measure. i agree that we can overtest.
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sometimes that is done, but you have to keep score. i can't imagine the bcs bowl being played with the score board off. keeping score is part of it. and then, accountability. if the results aren't there, kids are not learning, you know what? somebody has to pay with a job. that's the way it is. you can't keep paying people when they're not learning. later in the show, we'll have the 12 days of obama care. you don't want to miss that. first, lots of people want to change the world, very few succeed, but nelson mandela did and so did dr. martin luther king jr. what made them true leaders? [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce?
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>> my next guess says that nell nelson mandela was a gift to the my next guests saying nelson mandela was a gift to the world. a man of integrity. she could say the same words to describe her uncle dr. marvin luther king jr. they were two men that truly changed the world. joining me now is dr. king's nie niece, dr. albeta king. >> thank you for having me. >> you met nelson mandela after she served time in prison, what is your impression now as we see
5:26 pm
one of the great leaders of the world. >> as one that has been involved in the struggle for freedom all of my life, actually, coming out of my own family, to me, president mandela was a humbling experience. i was very aware of his early years. he was a warrior. and he thought that fighting was the way to do it, physical fighting, the human contact, and yet he was humble in prison autoof all of those years. you could see that humility and a certain grace. most of the time when you see his pictures that that gentle smile was there. for me it was also a humbling experience. i had the opportunity to go to south africa myself a few years later to see the after math of apartheid. and i put that in the same category of meeting others like
5:27 pm
muhammad ali and others because of being in the family of martin luther king. >> what were some of the characteristics you saw that were common to your uncle, dr. martin luther king, and nelson mandela. >> i would say that my uncle was always a peaceful warrior. he held on that that his whole life, of course. nelson mandela only awired some of those qualities later in life. i believe they both went through the stier. i believe they were forged to be leaders and to resist oppression. and martin luther king jr. fought for that here in america and nelson mandela fought so hard in south america. those movements did finally meet and i think that was their commonality. >> i think they were both noble peace prize winners and they
5:28 pm
overcame racism, and when he came out of friday, you mention thad he came out a very different man. he was stilled with humility, grace, and gentleness that he took with him when he went to office. he ended up working with the very people that villainized him for all of his life. how does a person come to the place where they can put aside the bitterness, hurt, and all of the offenses they have receive todd do that. >> as you ask that question, i think about my own father reverend a.d. king, who when hi uncle, martin luther king jr. was killed, i wanted to hate somebody and strike out at somebody. he said you case hate white people, you can't hate any people, it's the devil and we have to fight the devil. martin luther king jr. always said i will not stoop so low that men will cause me to hate other men.
5:29 pm
i was brought up to know that love -- and i believe that nelson mandela acquired that understanding, and that's why maybe you could see the wrinkles on his face, and 95 years is a long time to live, i believe that he was tempered in the fire, and that with the strength and with the fire, and the fight that was in him, it was tempered by humility and i believe a level and a pressure of understanding and love. and that's why he began to be a voice for peace. >> he certainly was, thank you so much for being here, dr. king, and we appreciate your perspective having met nelson mandela. i think we're all aware that over the next few days we will hear a lot about nelsonm mandel. i hope that our american politicians will be listening and learning from his example. there is a lot to be learned. acacording to a new poll, 5%
5:30 pm
of millennials don't approve of obama care. coming up, we'll ask a college student why young people are turning their backs on the president and obama care. and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine
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♪ ♪ you leave home, you move on [ squeals ] ♪ andou do the best you can ♪ i got lostin this o♪ ♪ and forgot who i am we tomt update you now on that dangerous storm system on the east coast. icy roads are causing many accidents out there because it got icy and then it snowed. earlier in wisconsin, 60 cars were solved in a massive pile up. more than 2,000 flights reportedly canceled nationwide today. isreali prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the world how
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big of a threat iran's nuclear program could be. iran is allowing u.n. inspectors to the unfinished water reactor for the first time in years. israel and the west fear it could be used to make a nuclear bomb. back to "huckabee." under obama care, businesses and organizations are required to provide employees with support for contraceptions. that is a problem for some religious businesses like the university of notre dame. now a majority of students on campus support that move on the part of noter dame. joining me now is a junior there who is a columnist for the school's paper, the observer.
5:35 pm
how are your fellow students at notre dame reacting to the lawsuit because i'm sure there is some buzz about it? >> the students do support the university's effort to file this lawsuit. when students choose to go to no notre dame, they use a catholic education. and when they feel it's being threatened by the government, students are supporting it. >> it's not so much about contraceptives per se, but it's about rjts liberty and if notre dame can operate with full conscious and faith because they're saying you can believe, but you can't believe that much. >> exactly, i think everyone would agree that you give the government one inch and you take a mile. you give them an opportunity to intrude on religious liberty from this aspect. what's not saying that you can't
5:36 pm
make them cover abortion. >> are there students at snoeter dame that disagree with the lawsuit and think they ought to just provide contraceptives? >> of course, i have engaged other students and they're -- what they're saying is that this is a matter of a woman's access to contraceptive coverage. one woman said it costs a lot of money, and workers at notre dame don't make a lot of money, so they should cover it. but this isn't about a woman's access to contraception. this is about religious liberty and notre dame maintaining it's religious integrity and not being compromised by the government. >> i think it is important to realize that when people say they're restricting access, they're not really restricting access, they're determining who pays for it. i can go to a movie theater.
5:37 pm
i have access to go, but i have to buy a ticket. if i want to see this movie in that theater, i have to buy the ticket. people make it as though a woman that goes to notre dame can't buy it under any circumstance. they're just saying we take money from donors, people that support us as an economic institution, we're not going to pay. that is the issue for some of us. do students see it that way? do they still want to make it just about the birth control? >> like i said before, students support the university's effort. they recognize that notre game is a premier catholic institution. and if they lose that by succumbing to the will of the government by providing contraception or sterileization, then notre dame's reputation is
5:38 pm
heavily compromised. >> there was a pull, that 58% of millennials disapprove obama care, does that surprise you? >> that doesn't surprise me, but i think millennials just like the rest of americans are waking up to the fact that the affordable care account is anything but affordable. when the government gets -- i think millennials are realizing that premiums have gone up, deductibles have gone up, and when the government gets involved in any sector of the economy, you get millennials that have student debt. whether it's housing, you have the housing bubble, premiums, and deductibles also
5:39 pm
skyrocketed, and the quality of health care is going to increase. >> i can understand why 38% think it's a great idea. it's built on guys like you paying more than you should pay so you can pay for old people like me, and i just want to say, thank you very much for paying for my health insurance, but i don't think it's what you want to do. >> i would say that millennials were sold on the bill of goods. if min mentioned that deductibles and premiums would increase, they would be called a liar. millennials have to get into the market and purchase health care insurance. so they're realizing that they can't afford it. most of them are underemployed.
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one of the d one of the dozens of problems in the obama care website is the lack of security built into the site. joining me now with tips on how to protect yourself from being hack second degree former white house chief information officer and data privacy expert teresa peyton. great to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> let me ask you, are consumers needing to be worried about logging on to the website and perhaps giving out information that could be hacked? >> unfortunately they do need to be worried. one hacker looked at the sight, and he found something that is considered a golden rule. before you do that first webpage, you do security first. and one of the things he found was that we're all on the go, we're super busy. he found that if you type health
5:45 pm
care semicolon instead, it goes to a scam website. >> people are saying get in there, sign up, sign up quickly, but i think you're saying you have to be careful. >> you're absolutely right. if this is a business, our customers would have left us by now, wouldn't they? one of the things they would recommend is there is two things that people can do on a commercial break or after the show, the first thing i recommend is get a new e-mail grea address that you have never used on bank, or social media accounts. if you're compromised, they take
5:46 pm
that e-mail address and start going to popular shopping banking and shopping sites. if you start seeing spam, you know you have probably been compromised. and people are being tricked every day by fraudsters with fake ads, e-mails, and links, start with a trusted source. if you don't know if it's a state exchange or federal exchange, go to and navigate from there. you can do that at the commercial break or after the show and it will help protect you. >> many people are not web savvy. if they're identity is stolen, what recourse do they have? can they sue the federal government? what happens? >> it is funny that you ask
5:47 pm
that, because they ask you to call them. so you need to call them and let them know. but their called navigators, not investigators. so they can't do an information for you. the next step you need to do is go to the federal trade commission and go to the website that is the icc to give. that is the internet crime center. don't pause, the next step, you must call your bank and credit card accounts and get them flagged so they can't take over your financial life. >> what you described is a lot of trouble, time, and money that a consumer will spend because he or she in good faith trusted the government. that's what is sad here. if a person goes through that process of just trying to follow the law, get health insurance, they could end up losing their identity, time, money, this
5:48 pm
isn't going well, is it? >> no, this is just the beginning of the story. we already know they're not ready to accept your payments online yet. you have to mail a check in. that part is still being brought online. i really sort of compare this to if you went to a car dealership today, bought a 2013 model and they handed you balloons and duck tape and if they said that's your air bag you will install yourself, that is where we're at right now with this. that's because we skipped that goden rule. don't build one page until you know what data it is, what you're preking, and how to protect it. >> by the way, teresa is author of the book protecting your online identity. are you naked online. gosh i hope not, i don't even want to go there. get a copy of her book. it will be helpful to you for obama care and any activities online. teresa, thanks for being here. >> christmas is just around the
5:49 pm
corner and while millions of americans believe in santa and the spirit of the season -- of course we do. many of the people around america just stopped believing in the president. coming up a christmas carol that sums up why. you don't want to miss what's next, stay with us. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone.
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>> well there's a couple of weeks left until christmas. by the way my best selling book dear chandler dear scarlotte a great companion to my become "a simple christmas" available on while we are waiting to get shopping done the president is selling a healthcare plan many
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are not buyling. once you do you better keep your receipt. once you try it i bet you will want to return it. to help us celebrate the most wonderful time of the year we are joined by the holiday carolling company for a little spin on the holiday classic this is the 12 days of obamacare. ♪ to me two fumbled rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the third day of christmas obama care gave to me three rate hikes, two fumbled ro rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the fourth day of christmas obama care gave to me four month
5:54 pm
delay, three rate hikes, two fumbled rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the fifth day of christmas obama care gave to me five hairy leaves, a four month delay three rate hikes and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the sixth day of christmas obama care gave to me six glitches, five hairy wreathes a four month delay three rate hikes two fumbled rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the eighth day of christmas obama care gave to me eight seven hackers hacking six websites glitching five hairy wreathes a four month delay, three rate
5:55 pm
hikes, two fumbled rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the ninth day of christmas obama care gave to me nine months of golfing, seven hackers hacking, six websites glitching, five hairy wreathes, a four month delay, three rate hikes, two fumbled rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the tenth day of christmas obama care gave to me ten promises broken seven hackers hacking five hairy wreathes and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the 11th day of christmas obama care gave to me 11 congressional hearing ten promises broken eight million six websites glitching
5:56 pm
five harry reids two fumbled rollouts and a doctor i can't keep ♪ ♪ on the 12 day of christmas obama care gave to me 12% approval rate iing 11 congressional hearing ten promises broken seven hackers hacking six websites glitching five harry reids a four month delay three rate hikes two fumbled rollouts and a gop sweep into 2014 ♪ >> thanks to our carollers this is the national nonsense of political satire musical review. they are wonderful. we are so glad they have joined us tonight.
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we are glad you have joined us tonight. that's it for us. until next week from new york, this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. male annou] oral-b deep sweep, featuring three cleaning zones that remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. guaranteed "wow" from oral-b. #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide.
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>> i am megyn kelly live from the headquarters of fox news in new york city. coming up. >> emotions run high for the hearing of a new healthcare law. >> what are our options now? >> we don't have any options. >> how the new law is affecting her family. plus a kelly file investigation as to why the white house failed to tell the truth when the president's uncle ended up in custody. >> there was no evidence they met. that was what was conveyed. >> that's not the story now. an exclusive tonight a well-known washington whistleblower he has new information on what he

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